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When comparing fast food favourites, fish and chips proves to be one of the healthier choices, with the Fish City small Fish & Chip portion meal tested by Beechwood Laboratories as having 579 calorie. A portion of cod or haddock provides essential vitamins C, B6 and B12, omega-3 fatty acid, some iron, zinc and calcium as well as iodine.

We also offer customers the choice of three different portion sizes of our award winning Fish & Chips.

We have been working closely with the Food Standards Agency to monitor the calories and nutritional content of our food. We are the first independent business to be awarded with the 'Caloriewise' certification by the Food Standards Agency. All items on the menu have the calorie information.

We offer an extensive range of seafood dishes to encourage people to eat more fish accompanied with local seasonal ingredients and home made sauces.



Our potatoes come from only the highest quality growers using potatoes that deliver the best taste and flavour for our chips. We currently use the Maris Piper potato, which were first developed here in N.Ireland. We peel & chip the potatoes every day, checking for starch and sugar content, insuring the highest standard of chips. Our chips are cut to a healthy 14 mm x 17mm, the size of which has been scientifically proven to absorb less fat.

Our endeavour to deliver healthy food led to Fish City winning the UK's Healthy Eating 'Fish and Chips' award in the 2018 National Fish and Chip awards.

We use seasonal vegetables and all of our sauces are freshly made. We work with local suppliers in trying to source innovative and healthy ingredients including products from Abernethy butter, Rooney Fish, Keenan Seafood, Islander KelpEwings Seafood and Glastry Farm Ice cream. Our bottled water is supplied by Clearer Water - Ireland's first ethicial water supplier.

Fully licensed, we have an extensive wine list accompanied with a great selection of local craft beers and ciders, including Kilmegan Cider and Mourne Mountains Brewery.


Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Research shows that eating AT LEAST TWO PORTIONS of fish a week lowers risk of heart attack, heart disease, cholesterol, stroke, depression, diabetes and Alzheimer's, increases levels of omega-3 in your body, which leads to healthy skin, hair, nails and improves sleep and boosts your mood and maintains brain function. (Read more: )

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