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At Fish City, we have taken our commitment to sustainability to the next level. We are the first retailer and restaurant on the island of Ireland to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). For over 20 years, the MSC has been part of a global effort to keep our oceans healthy and full of life. When you choose the blue fish label, you can be sure that the fish you’re eating can be traced back to a sustainable source.

We are the first fish and chip shop in the UK to be corporate members of the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). We are currently an MCS Gold Member.

At Fish City, we advocate for a healthy, sustainable approach to incorporating seafood into a healthy lifestyle. To that end, we are committed to educating our team, guests and wider communities on the health benefits of seafood and the importance of seafood sustainability.

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At Fish City, we are an advocate for the promotion of the use of seafood as a lifestyle choice. To that end, we are committed to educating our staff, our customers and our wider communities on seafood sustainability issues.

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Our Process

Our Process

Our oil is changed daily and continually filtered, ensuring that we use the healthiest and tastiest frying mediums. We use Superior Frying Fat— the most respected, refined, and de-odorised beef dripping in the business. It is naturally non-hydronated and lower in trans fats, and it delivers an excellent high performance product time and time again.

We have invested in a state-of-the-art Kiremko frying range, ensuring temperatures are maintained throughout the cooking process to deliver the highest quality of food for our guests.

Dietary Options

We offer customers the choice of having food cooked in beef dripping or vegetable oil.