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Fish City Restaurant: the best Fish and Chips in Belfast

5th Feb 2018

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Fish City Restaurant: the best Fish and Chips in Belfast

After traveling, eating is my second passion . And in my visit to Belfast I could not leave without trying the best Fish and Chips in the city. Before continuing, I would like to tell you that this place is, today, the best restaurant I have visited . Not only for its food, which is exquisite, but also for the philosophy of the place.

Fish City is a contemporary venue located in the heart of Belfast . Although it began its journey 4 years ago, it has already become the place with the best Fish and Chips in the city. And from Northern Ireland. And believe me, the Fish and Chips are not the richest they have . The restaurant is located at 33 Ann Street , next to the Victoria Square Shopping Center. I recommend going to the top floor of this mall to see Belfast from above. The quality of service in Fish City is exceptional. So much so that Grainne, the owner of the place, is personally involved so that your visit is welcoming.

The premises are divided into a ground floor and a first floor. The ground floor is characterized by its large ventalanes that allow you to continue feeling the life of the city from inside the restaurant. On this floor, a set of chains, separates the restaurant into two differentiated areas: normal tables and high tables; providing a modern and sophisticated touch.For its part, " The Fishermans Hut" is located on the first floor . In this area, the local seeks to teleport to the interior of a fisherman's house .

Fish and chips is characterized by its love for natural ingredients and the balance of flavor of each of its recipes.Its menu includes options for fish lovers, healthy and gluten-free , hamburgers, meat and delicious desserts. This makes Fish City a safe bet when it comes to eating out or dining in Belfast. The last Wednesday of every month they offer Gluten Free Fish and Chips, but they have gluten-free options every day of the week. Although you can always enjoy their take away menu.

Mains cost between 7-14 £, entrees between 5-9 £ and desserts between 5-8 €. Although I was eager to try his "Beside The seaside" (a table with donuts, ice cream, chocolate, etc), I have to say that EVERYTHING is great.

I went with a friend, so we took the opportunity to share dishes and try a bit of everything. We ordered Fish and Chips (of course), the dish of the day and chocolate brownie.The dish of the day was fried salmon with a locally sourced sauce called Islander Kelp (produced in Northern Ireland), potatoes, broccoli, and a velouté of kale, fennel with prawns and chorizo.I am not a person to mix too many things, and even less, love vegetables.However, this dish I loved. It was delicious and no element was out of place. As I said at the beginning of the article, the philosophy of this restaurant makes it the best restaurant I have visited so far.I will summarize your philosophy in the following points

  • They support local producers
  • Your recipes are healthy . They look for a balance between delicious recipes and calories.
  • They donate 50 cents from each menu to the "Marine Conservation Society" , a charity dedicated to protecting the sea and marine fauna.
  • They are the first Fish and Chips restaurant that is part of the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), an organization that promotes sustainable fishing.

The oil they use in the kitchen is recycled.

I hope that on your next visit to Belfast, you will fall for the temptation and visit Fish City, you will love it.

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